How did you all fair in the challenge? Were you also able to mark off Inktober Challenge Completed? I managed to work my way through and complete each day. I won’t say it was easy getting them done on time every day.

But that is the point of the challenge, any challenge really. To break the mold you have been baking in. Rise above (pun intended) and struggle through. Each drawing improving your technique ever so slightly. Looking back I still like that I chose to focus on Halloween, school photos and the alphabet all in one. The first being the biggest struggle to keep up with! I don’t know how much of an improvement I made, but I think the biggest win for me was the consistency. Next year there will probably be a better theme for me to follow, but I have all year to think of that!

This challenge also inspired a giveaway, the first on this blog! The winner was emailed yesterday that they won but here is the official Winner announcement!

And the winner is…

Brenda @ bestweddingssites


is the winner of a 5×7 ORIGINAL DRAWING of them in the style of my Inktober drawings

and a SOCIAL MEDIA ICON made from that drawing to use!


If you really want your own drawing and you didn’t win – you can still get one by submitting a commission through my contact page HERE. A 5×7 black and white drawing in this style on bristol paper is $35 ($10 for each additional person if it is a group photo). This would make a great gift to someone you love for Christmas!


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