I’ve Got My Eye On You


It Started With A Look

Super excited to be adding these two pieces to the shop this week. I like playing with contrasting ideas, colors, shapes all the time so this unusual pairing is perfect. One graphically bold while the other soft and warm. You know I’ve got my eye on you for a coffee date!



Eye On You was created in one of my sketchbook drawing sessions where I was using a ink brush pen. I tend to gravitate towards repetitive shapes as it is very calming to draw a shape over and over again. I kept it in the black and added a bit of contrast as scanning can wash out a piece. However I didn’t go overboard as I like to keep the integrity of the original piece. Because of this you can see depth variations of the black.



Coffee Date was actually a happy accident of left over paint. I try to use up my palette as much as possible and this little gem was the result! She’s sweet and casual while still looking her best, ready to meet for a quick coffee date before heading out to dinner with friends. So chic, no?

Both are printed on matte poster paper and come in sizes ranging from 8 x 10 all the way up to 24 x 36! All posters are made to order. I’ve been using this mock up image from Emske.com to show the image can look displayed. I plan on making my very own mock ups in the future so that I can more control over every aspect. If you have any suggestions or tips that would be super – Leave a comment below!